African chokwe masks essay

His whole body is covered with natural oil to serve as protection against evil spirits. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to African chokwe masks essay it for review. Ngidi brings together women of all ages, not only those who are pubescent.

African masks are being greatly hunted down by art lovers and collectors, as they are some of the most supreme art pieces in the art world today. To highlight her supernatural attributes as an ancestral, Pwo sometimes dances on stilts or performs acrobatically skits.

Principles of social and political organisation are presented publically through mukanda masquerades[3]. But as the sculptors say that they take their inspiration from the traits of women renowned for their beauty, the hairstyles and tattoos vary from one mask to another, each mask being a virtual portrait.

The women learn good manners from the Pwo dance.

Exclusive African wooden mask, 'Chokwe tribe

The Tshokwe man that wears this mask makes delicate and graceful movements whilst remaining almost on the same spot. The facemask is the most common mask found in Africa. They migrated back towards the south and settled in Angola and in Zaire, at the source of the Kwangi, Kasai and Lungwe rivers.

These dances are a type of sexual education, presented openly to stress the fertility of this female ancestor.


Inspired by his father Augustin Dokolo Sanu, a great collector of classical African art, Sindika Dokolo created his foundation to document the journey of arts and culture from Africa with the aim of empowering future generations of Africans with the knowledge of their own cultural history.

The mukanda masks play a role in male initiation. In these masks, originally created for different masking ceremonies of different tribes you will find different types of materials such as leather, metal, fabric, organic materials and various types of wood.

For the African artist, the purpose of creating the mask was achieved once the ritual performance was over. Itinerant actors wearing these masks travel from village to village, living on gifts received at performances.

There was no attachment to the piece but the skill and the experience is carried forward and handed down the line of descendants. The Chi Wara antelope mask consists of representations of animal heads.


In extraordinary ceremonies, the spirits are worshipped and presented with offerings of flour and water while the people taking part in this ceremony honours the Chi Wara through dancing while wearing the Chi Wara antelope mask as seen in Figure 3. The Makishi most often preformed in combination with the mukanda initiation of girls, but they may also appear during annual confirmatory ceremonies.

For the villagers, their presence is magical and brings both prosperity and fecundity. Essay 28 talks about this ability to be honest about differences in alienation that ends all prejudices, such as racism.

The aura and presence of masks can put them among the most charismatic of any sculptures ever produced and the sense of play in some of the masquerade masks make them some of humanity's richest and most vibrant visual creations. If you look at the reason for the initial creation of African art, you will find that the art was created for religious, political and social events of communities and tribes.

At puberty, the girls follow a ritual destined to give them a sexual education and which also includes tattooing. The classical works, which have been identified as looted from Angola during the civil war, will be repatriated to the Dundo Museum in Angola, their original home and where they were last exhibited.this is a fabulous chokwe carved wood female mask (pw0) that represents the chokwe founding female ancestor, and ideal feminine beauty, from angola.

October 21, Ceramics African masks The history of African masks can be traced back to Paleolithic times. These masks hold great importance in the African culture. In olden days, masks were used in many different ceremonies.

These masks were made from metals, wood, fabric, etc. African Mask Chokwe Male Masks From Africa Chokwe Mask Male from The Congo and Angola. Large mask hand made from solid wood and fiber. Ceremonial mask traditionally worn to ward off evil spirits.

African Masks Essay

This mask is handmade and every mask is slightly different in size, color and shape. African Mask Chokwe Tribe Mwana Ngulu pig mask Chokwe Tribe Angola African Mask WorldofBacara.

African Chokwe Masks Essay Sample

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The most powerful and important Chokwe mask is known as chikunga. Highly charged with power and considered sacred, chikunga is used during investiture ceremonies of a. An all new Chokwe tribe page is up, be sure to learn more about them here.

African Masks

The Chokwe are a large group of people in Africa as their population is estimated to be around million people. The live in parts of Angola, DRC and Zambia.

African chokwe masks essay
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