Dtmf based device controller abstract

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DTMF Based Device Control

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The project works on the concept of DTMF (dual tone multi frequency) tone command so received from any phone to remotely switch any electrical load such as agricultural pump, domestic and industrial loads etc. In industries, the loads are spread over a large area and thus, operating these loads is a very.

Abstract — This paper going to develop a cellular phone based home/office appliance controller [6], [9].

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This system is designed for controlling arbitrary devices, it includes a cell phone (not included with sending DTMF [2] (dual tone multi frequency) sent by user. Home; Arduino. Arduino Boards; Arduino Shields.

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Components & IC's. Series IC's; Series IC's ; ADC & DAC; Audio IC; Communication IC's; Crystal; Diodes & Transistors. DTMF BASED HOME APPLIANCE CONTROL SUBMITTED BY ABSTRACT Traditionally electrical appliances in a home are controlled via switches that regulate the electricity to these devices.

DTMF Based Controlled Robot Vehicle the remote handling operation of Robot using DTMF. Key words: DTMF, AtmegaP Controller, Mobile Robot Block Diagram of. smart zone based vehicle speed control system based on rf and dtmf MOBILE PHONE (DTMF) CONTROLLED ELECTRICAL DEVICE SWITCHING DTMF MOBILE PHONE CONTROLLED DAM WATER GATES CONTROLLING SYSTEM WITH HIGH-LEVEL PROTECTION/5(92).

Dtmf based device controller abstract
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