Invisalign case study

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Invisalign Case Study: Lower Crowding, Anterior Bite

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Alexander enjoys exercise, golfing, skiing, biking, cheering on his local sports teams and spending time with family. A systematic review conducted to determine the treatment effects of the Invisalign system showed that no strong conclusions could be made regarding the treatment effects of Invisalign appliances [ 5 ].

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Barbers usually limited their practice to extracting teeth which alleviated pain and associated chronic tooth infection. Just make sure that you work on improving your credit score. You can see from these side views that she had a reverse bite, where the lower front teeth are farther forward than the upper ones.

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At the end of Invisalign treatment, the upper front teeth were in front of the lower front teeth, which is what the normal relationship should be. A good cloud provider will have disaster recovery as well as business continuity set as standards.

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She also enjoys furthering her dental knowledge by participating in continuing education courses.Char Williams Get in line for Invisalign MKTU Marketing Management Week 6 Case Study: Invisalign Sunday, December 8, Abstract Invisalign was founded in by two graduate students with no dental or orthodontic experience.

Marketing Strategy Framework GP Channel Ortho Channel Consumers with Invisalign • Case submission • Reviewing treatment plans • Modifying ClinCheck plans Invisalign Brand Awareness Studies, Aug.

& Mom Tracking Study Sept. Invisalign Awareness •Lower awareness of Invisalign Teen PURCHASE INTENT. Case Study: Brittany (Invisalign) August 18, by Frost Orthodontics Adult female sought help from Dr.

Frost and the team at Frost Orthodontics to correct crowding and alignment of her teeth with Invisalign. case study female 25 years old class ii normodivergent overjet > 10mm transversal deficiency projected treatment time: 30 months actual treatment time with acceledent: 18 months courtesy of dr.

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tommasocastroflorio invisalign®. Healthier Supra-gingival, Biocompatible Dentistry Presenter: Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study) Release Date: 10/11/18 We live in a society that is clamoring for healthier food and healthier medicine, and now that there is an increase in knowledge, current society also demands healthier dentistry.

The patient presented to us with a concern of crowded front teeth.

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The patient wanted to correct this in order to chew better and be able to smile more. Interested in learning more about what we can do for your smile with Invisalign? Make an appointment or [ ].

Invisalign case study
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