Local government autonomy in nigeria

The nation's capital was moved from Lagos, the country's largest city, to Abuja on 12 December The preponderance of opinion is that the federal government needs to shed weight and return powers and resources to the states where most government functions can be more efficiently undertaken.

While the government aims to provide universal education for both boys and girls, the number of girls in class is usually much lower than the number of boys. Historically, Nigerians have been very interested in higher education.

Local governance, decentralisation and anti-corruption in Bangladesh and Nigeria

Among his leading lieutenants were Samuel Akintola of Ibadan and the oni of Ife. Should Nigeria be based on regions or zones or retain the state structure? With one man in practical control of the Executive and Legislative organs of all the parts, the machine may work passably for sufficient time to enable the transition period to be left behind, by which time the answer to the problem—Unitary v.

Today the members of the wealthy elite are easily identifiable by their fancy clothing and hairstyles and by their expensive cars and Western-style homes. The rapid expansion in exports, especially afteroccurred precisely at the time slave exports collapsed.

In most ethnic groups, either the man or the woman can end the marriage. From —, palm oil exports increased by a factor of 25, from to 20, tons per year. His government guided the country for the next three years, operating with almost complete autonomy in internal affairs.

On 22 February Olusegun Obasanjo, a Yoruba who ironically lacked support from his own people, won the presidential election. Nigeria has a long-running border dispute with Cameroon over the mineral-rich Bakasi Peninsula, and the two nations have engaged in a series of cross-boarder skirmishes.

Although churchmen in Britain had been influential in the drive to abolish the slave trade, significant missionary activity for Africa did not develop until the s. By the thirteenth century, many Hausa states began to emerge in the region as well. Because of the essentially regional political alignments of the parties, the British government decided to impose a political solution for Nigeria based on a federally structured constitution.

Local government autonomy in Nigeria

Although he reported on the eastward flow of the Niger, he was forced to turn back when his equipment was lost to Muslim Arab slave traders. During the struggle for independence, northern leaders were afflicted by a constant fear of southern domination. Perhaps Nigeria's most popular form of music is juju, which uses traditional drums and percussion instruments to back up vocals and complicated guitar work.

This fact is central to understanding the country's government and politics, which have been conditioned and bedeviled by the problems of accommodating several diversities: If any nation typified political scientist Richard Sklar's characterization of the African continent as a "workshop of democracy," it would certainly be Nigeria.

Rituals and Holy Places.

History of Nigeria

If it is the necessity for formally submitting the drafts that hurts Sir F. Cultures of the World: British merchants led the trade in palm oil, while the Portuguese and others continued the slave trade. Although Azikiwe later came to be recognized as the leading spokesman for national unity, his orientation on return from university training in the United States was pan-African rather than nationalist, emphasizing the common African struggle against European colonialism.Nigeria Table of Contents.

British colonialism created Nigeria, joining diverse peoples and regions in an artificial political entity. It was not unusual that the nationalism that became a political factor in Nigeria during the interwar period derived both from an older political particularism and broad pan-Africanism rather than from any sense of a common Nigerian nationality.

The Role of Nigeria Local Government In Rural Development. This paper is titled “the role of Local Government in rural Development in Nigeria” was undertaken to evaluate the role of Nigeria Local Area in Rural Area.

iii Executive Summary (i) The Nigerian Government has long considered the provision of water supply and sanitation services to be the domain of the federal, state and local governments. Sources and Uses of Local Government Fund in Nigeria - Much has been written on Local Government finance, source, uses and the problem with special reference to Local government area in Nigeria and other countries.

FEDERALISM AND LOCAL GOVT AUTONOMY IN NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE Introduction Federalism is essentially about the division of a nation between and among the tiers, rather than within a particular level of government in the performance of government functions (Ukwueze, ).

Nigeria is in need of a structural constitutional change. A change from its current feeding bottle unitary system to a proper federal system.

Local government autonomy in nigeria
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