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After such humiliating years Mussolini strongly promoted the idea of getting what Italy deserved though his foreign policy. Running about biting everybody was how the South African leader, Smuts, described him at the end of The British controlled the Suez Canal but rather than close it and cut supplies and communications to the Italian troops they allowed free passage.

The foreign policies of Mussolini and Hitler were meant for the achievement Mussolinis foreign policy essay power and status. At home, Mussolini gave the impression that he was being a strong and effective leader and that his foreign policy was working.

There were democracies on one hand comprising of countries such as Belgium, Britain, France and Holland. However these were chiefly an exercise in public relations as Mussolini was prepared to sign a treaty just for the effect it would have on the public and without bothering too much on the details of what it contained.

Following many downfalls for the Italian army in the King was able to arrest Mussolini and take away his command. They agreed that they would support each other in the event of war.

This attempt, unlike that of Hitler, did not bear any fruit as the Italian forces were defeated and forced to withdraw from Albania. This battle was the first major action towards autarky. His dreams of creating a powerful Italian fascist empire had crumbled.

The character of the Italian people must be moulded by fighting. Mussolini having been arrested and imprisoned in the mountain top; it took the world by storm to see that the German soldiers were able to rescue him Trifkovic Another Mussolinis foreign policy essay of Mussolini testing the allies was over Corfu in The war simply showed who is who in the world.

This action, considering the closeness of the two, had two implications; one is that in essence it sounds factual and quite obvious. Any leader can take advantage of any form of leadership.

Mussolini knew little about the military hence it was always divided and fragmented. The troops were worse than useless but the pilots, fighter planes and bombers made a massive impact. It is destined that the Mediterranean should become ours, that Rome should be the directing city of civilisations in the whole of Western Europe.

In these military activities the leaders also were able to influence one another in one way or another. Having risen to power earlier, in the s, Mussolini was the senior between the two and had a great influence on Hitler.

On the other hand it is shocking for the suggestion to come from ones friend. His foreign policy had taken Italy into wars for which they were ill equipped and resulted in the loss of resources.

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This was a decision that ultimately led to his downfall and the collapse of the Fascist state. This was a true display of friendship between Hitler and Mussolini. For Mussolini there was the attraction of appearing as the staunch opponent of communism and perhaps gaining naval bases in the Balearic Islands from a grateful Franco.

Mussolini’s Relationship with Hitler

Mussolini failed his personal aims and ambition for his country, leaving his Foreign Policy to be disgraced. This is clearly not considered an efficient foreign policy. Mussolini feared Germanys rise, as the union between Germany and Austria was a threat to the boarders of Italy.

The war had proved helpful for the prime minister. In the early years of Fascism, Italy went through an economic recovery, thanks to the general European recovery and the end of a possible Socialist revolution, as well as the Liberal economic policies that Mussolini introduced lowering inflation and limiting government interventions.

However by involving himself he stood to gain a Mediterranean ally and concessions at naval bases in the Balearic Islands.

What were Mussolini’s foreign policy aims between 1922 and 1939?

His military was in fact more aggressive compared to that of Italy. Overall historians appear to agree on two main principles that run through the foreign policy; fascist imperial notions and consolidation of power.

Large quantities of planes, weapons and ammunition as well as some 75, men were also supplied. The Greeks appealed to the League who with the help of the Council of Ambassadors succeeded in finding a solution.

Mussolini once declared My objective is simple I want to make Italy great, respected and feared. Mussolini felt dominated by Hitler and felt he could not turn against him. Mussolini had been deeply shamed by the lack of action Italy saw in the war and was insulted by their treatment at the Paris Peace treaties.

There were some consistent themes running through this period these are his ambitions for an empire and for Italy to be a major power, in some ways he was very similar to Hitler, and indeed any dictator.Mussolini's foreign policy continued to breed humiliation for Italy well into the war.

Italy's involvement in World War Two was a series of failures and defeats which caused not only Hitler's contempt for him to. A study of the foreign policy of both dictators therefore highlights at least as many contrasts as comparisons. To read this article in full you need to be either a print + archive subscriber, or else have purchased access to the online archive.

Mussolini’s foreign policy aimed to revise the Paris peace settlement., increase influence in the Balkans and Mediterranean and to expand Italy’s overseas colonial empire.

In Mussolini achieved one of these aims by taking over Abyssinia, this increased his colonial empire. In the s, Il Duce had a remarkably successful foreign policy.

In the Corfu Incident, he asserted Italy on the international stage and proved his mettle. Mussolini operated on a theory that, if Italy maintained itself as a great power, it could. Related Documents: Essay about Mussolini's Foreign Policy Political: Foreign Policy Essay Jeffrey Becker Abstract Explain how public opinion/approval ratings shape both presidential and congressional agendas and policy plans.

Mussolini’s foreign policy operates along fairly well-worn paths, and his main areas of interest remained the Mediterranean, Africa and the Balkans Mussolini’s foreign policy operates along fairly well-worn paths, and his main areas of interest remained the Mediterranean, Africa and the Balkans.

Mussolinis foreign policy essay
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