Polyamory research papers

However, his children are currently living in Japan with their mother. Reactions to poly Another thing that came up through the online discussion in the past couple months is how people react to poly.

Some were lawyers, teachers or computer programmers, and some ran their own businesses. The first time was a Tristate Poly Munch where I met a Latino male, the second time was a Poly NYC discussion group where there were two black males and one Asian female, and the third time was also a Tristate Poly Munch where a black couple attended.

All four articles suggest that cultural norms and privilege are important factors in understanding CNM and societal acceptance. However, compared to the clinical data the enacted within the literature review divorce rates, infidelity, relationship dissatisfactionthe practice of monogamy does not necessarily support the perceived benefits and in some cases clearly refutes it.

None of this suggests that polyamorous people are somehow immune to jealousy, Holmes said. The Barker and Langdridge article has a great deal of interesting research on normativity. It's similar to the feeling the typical person might get after finding out their best friend scored her dream job, Holmes said.

For that reason, the literature that I have read for this project has been mostly from the emic perspective.

By the time my latest book, Polyamory in the 21st Century, was published in there were nearly two million Google entries for polyamory, not to mention dozens of books in a multitude of languages, hundreds of articles, a little scientific research, and even some reality TV shows.

Although race, class, and education are important factors in research, it is entirely possible that these demographic variables dissolve when looked at from a global perspective as opposed to a primarily Western perspective.

Kristen and Mike are able to take their own son and Sarah out to the munch. The most common form of romantic relationship in most Western countries is a monogamous dyad.

A Critical Literature Review Introduction Polyamory, the love of more than one person at a time, has seen an increase in practice and research over the past four decades. I will also present an etic depiction of the concept in relation to anthropological concepts of gender and sex roles.

Research into Polyamory and Monogamy

They have a son, Tom, who is nine years old. People were both equally satisfied in monogamous and polyamorous relationships.

Tristate Poly holds two different types of meetings each month. Both genders have dysfunctional conditioning to overcome whether they choose monogamy or not. There is no evidence that monogamy is better in terms of relationship longevity, happinesshealthsexual satisfaction, or emotional intimacy.

But despite the criticism above of the institution itself, there are some in the poly community that are interested in marrying one or more of their partners.Research Papers The Legal Challenges of Religious Polygamy in the USA - Witte writes that the common law has always defined marriage between a man and a woman, and that religious freedom should not allow anyone to break laws.

Polyamory (from Greek????, poly, many, or several, and the Latin amor, love) is a practice, desire, or ability to multiple simultaneous love relationships, with the consent of all involved.

Polyamory differs from polygamy, which is marriage between a number of parties. A review of current research concerning polyamory and monogamy. Write papers business studies history - polyamory, blogger, much of dupage, this week concerning gender and greek.

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Polyamory research papers

2, digital library 1/2 the dissemination of literature on reality shows are more interesting research. There are many open questions left about polyamory and other nonmonogamous arrangements, but research is picking up, Holmes said. This weekend, the first International Academic Polyamory.

The Future of Polyamorous Marriage: Lessons from the Marriage Equality Struggle Harvard Journal of Law and Gender, Forthcoming UC Hastings Research Paper No.

Polyamory research papers
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